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Packages for Linux, Unix & others

Here are some Interactive Fiction Linux packages or binaries for various distributions or systems (BSD, haiku).

Some of them were made using checkinstall. Many packages are probably old and deprecated. Try to install them using your distribution repository. If it's not there, then use those packages.



For the manual installation of those packages on Debian and similar, type (as root) :

dpkg -i package.deb

if the system complains some dependencies are missing, type apt-get -f install

Many interpreters and tools are now in Debian, for example gargoyle-free, fizmo...


For Archlinux, search into the AUR repositories for gargoyle, inform, nfrotz, tads and such.

You can also add this repository in your /etc/pacman.conf (most are probably old and deprecated)

# Mostly games, interactive fiction and abc notation stuffs already on AUR
Server = http://download.tuxfamily.org/esclinuxcd/ressources/repo/i686/


For rpm distros install those packages with the command:

rpm -i package.rpm

Mandriva has some interpreters in their repositories (fizmo, zoom, probably frotz)


You can get some interpreters for Haiku (BeOS) there

The programs

Inform / z-code / Glulx


  • Gargoyle, compressed version, should work with most linux distributions (compiled on Debian Etch)
    Those may be quite older:
  • Multi interpreter gargoyle, based on the 2009-08-25 version of garglk (debian Etch compatible and Xandros Eee PC as well)
    On Debian / *buntu you'll need libgtk2.0-0 and sdl : apt-get install libgtk1.2 libsdl1.2debian-all
  • Gargoyle PPC, compressed version for powerpc processors (i.e. old macintosh running linux).
  • Gargoyle 2011-1: Gargoyle compiled for FreeBSD x86 (binary only, it's not (yet) a package)
    If you wish to compile gargoyle from sources, just edit Jamrules and add:
    OS = BSD ;
    and before case LINUX : add:
    case BSD :
    Echo "OS is BSD ($(GUILIB))" ;
    if $(GUILIB) = EFL {
    PKGCONFIG = "pkg-config freetype2 evas ecore ecore-evas elementary fontconfig" ;
    } else {
    PKGCONFIG = "pkg-config freetype2 gtk+-x11-2.0 gdk-x11-2.0 gobject-2.0 glib-2.0 fontconfig" ;
    GARGLKCCFLAGS = "`$(PKGCONFIG) --cflags`" -fPIC ;
    GARGLKLIBS = "`$(PKGCONFIG) --libs`" -ljpeg -lpng -lz ;
    LINKLIBS = -lz -lm "`$(PKGCONFIG) --libs`" ;

    if $(USESDL) = yes
    GARGLKCCFLAGS += -I/usr/include/SDL ;
    GARGLKLIBS += -lSDL_mixer -lSDL_sound -lSDL -lsmpeg -lvorbisfile ;

    if $(STATIC) { LINKLIBS += $(GARGLKLIBS) ; }
    else { SHRLINKLIBS += $(GARGLKLIBS) ; }

Authoring tools


General purpose tools and files

  • inform7, all the available extensions (maybe a bit outdated now)
  • Interactive Fiction Mapper IFM

Get other IF tools there : http://www.wolldingwacht.de/if/glulxe/


Les histoires présentées sur ce site sont des jeux d'aventure textuels, également appelés fictions ou littératures interactives. Veuillez visiter cette page pour en savoir plus.
Tous les jeux en ligne que l'on présente ici sont des jeux gratuits ou abandonware, donnés en libre accès par leurs auteurs pour votre divertissement.

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