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Un jeu au hasard :


Par Benjamin Roux (Yoruk)

Une visite virtuelle du lavoir du village de Yoruk.




Format : glulx

Titre :


Auteur :

Benjamin Roux

Présentation :

Cette balade rafraîchissante vous permettra de découvrir un coin pittoresque de France.

Genre :


Première publication (dans cette langue) :


Description :

Vous êtes sur une route goudronnée, plus qu'à quelques mètres du lavoir...

Langue : fr

Système : Inform

Url : http://ifiction.free.fr

Licence : freeware

mots clés : lavoir, campagne, eau, poissons

Longueur de jeu approximative : *

Page sur ifwiki : http://ifwiki.org/index.php/Lavoir

Référence ifiction.free.fr : 201

fichier de jeu :


À ne pas manquer en ce moment :

- Concours de fictions interactives 2017

Inform / Infocom interpreters for Haiku / BeOS

What is this?

Some command lines tools for running Interactive Fictions games, also known as textual adventures, for the most commonly used gaming systems.

Those applications may require ncurses to run. (A basic version of this ncurses is included in the archive)

How to Use

  • Download this package and unzip it on the desktop.
  • Run the install.sh script which will install everything on your system (into /boot/home/config/bin)
  • click on ifiction.sh to start a wrapper which will open a load game dialog, and select the game you wish (you can test the sample games included)
  • You can also drag and drop game files onto the ifiction.sh icon to automatically start the game with the correct interpreter.

About the interpreters


A z-machine interpreter for Infocom and Inform systems.

  • frotz is for reading z3, z4, z5 and z8 games.


  • 'nitfol' is another z-machine interpreter, which can read zblorb files (but not the cover arts inside them).

Glulxe and Git

Some glulx interpreters for Infocom and Inform systems again.

  • Glulxe is for reading blb, ulx and zblorb games.
  • Git can read the same formats as Glulxe, but it's supposed to be faster.
  • The glkterm versions should display better but there are some issues with accented letters in some languages.
  • The cheapterm versions will display the accented letters correctly, but the interface is less nice (no fixed status line)


  • Frob is the tads2 and tads3 interpreter for .gam and .t3 files. More on Tads on the ifwiki page.


  • 'jacl' is an interpreter for the JACL game system.


  • 'he' is the Hugo interpreter for .hex games. More on Hugo on the ifwiki page.


  • 'arun' is an Alan interpreter for .acd games (v2 only). More on Alan on the ifwiki page.

Magnetic & Level 9

  • 'magnetic' and 'level9' are interpreters for the commercial games from Magnetic Scrolls and Level 9.
    They are only using cheapterm for the output (no status line, and line break may occur in a word).

Finding games

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